G-reqs: Geospatial in-situ requirements

G-reqs is a database tool and a standard methodology designed to collect requirements for in-situ data within the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), from the GEO Work Programme activities and relevant stakeholders.

By collecting requirements in a systematic way, G-reqs will help to understand if current in-situ datasets meet user requirements, if current data is only partially useful, if there are barriers to access and use, or if new data should be collected.

If you have requirements for in-situ data, please contact the G-reqs team and we will guide to the process with the support of the structured G-reqs form.

Click here to request support to enter your requirements in the G-reqs

If you have your requirements clearly formulated and you prefer to do it on your own, please click here to add requirements in G-reqs directly (new app, recommended) (old Google form (not recommended).)

The G-reqs database content is offered following FAIR principles, and is licenced as CC BY-SA. The G-reqs database does not contain any information about the originator of the data (in other words, the requirements are anonymized).

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(as CSV in a ZIP)

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This work is done from the InCASE project, funded by the European Commission and supported by the European Environment Agency in contribution to GEO and EuroGEO, and is part of the strategy of the GEO In-situ Subgroup of the GEO Data Working Group (Data-WG).