G-reqs: Geospatial in-situ requirements

G-reqs is a database tool and a standard methodology designed to collect requirements for in-situ data in the context of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and know how much the requirements are meet, if current available data is only partially useful, if there are barriers to access and use, or if new data should be created.

Requirements database

G-reqs is open to contributions and users from agencies, initiatives, networks, research infrastructures, private companies, institutions, and public organizations in search for fit-for-purpose Earth observation in-situ datasets.

Access and contribute

Posters and presentations

G-reqs work is funded by the European Union InCASE project under the "Services supporting the European Environment Agency (EEA) activities in the context of the EEA-RTD Service Level Agreement on Mainstreaming GEOSS data sharing and management principles in support of Europe's environment".